This DX site was created to let fellow dxer's know what we are up to while on DXpeditions in our former Walsoorden site (HOL) and the new site near Veurne, West Flanders, Belgium. We hope it inspires other dxers to try DXpeditions.

We travel to such locations to escape noise and to be able to put out long beverage antennas. Something we cannot do from home. DXpeditions take place several times a year. Usually in winter. Dxer's from Belgium and The Netherlands take the opportunity to dx from such rural dx location.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 3

Conditions on Sat-Sun night were slightly better.  Yesterday there was almost no 590 VOCM, but this time they were strong now and than giving signals like a local. Also 930 CJYQ (not CFBC), 1130, 1510 were on. A bit later 1290 Pueto Cabello popped up. 1540 kHz gave strong signals with English talk and kind of Hindi songs in the background (CHIN?)

Morning condition opened a window to Central America. XEAI 1470 Radio F√≥rmula, Mexico with full ID at 0712UTC and 0730 and R 2000 on 1500 kHz at 0715.

The afternoon was once again very disappointing. Noise levels were high and a lot of channels were just empty. Even RTL 1440 was suffering from severe fading. But we had a short 2 minutes opening to VOA Thailand 1575 kHz at 1448 UTC.

Christoph Ratzer from Austria informed us that he had at least some readable reception from Solomon Islands Bc Corp on 5020 kHz. We were only able to see a spike on our SDR screens. That inspired us to put up an extra beverage of only 120 meters pointing to the Solomons. Hmm, it started to rain and snow at that moment but we nobody could stop us from doing that. Unfortunately, all this was to no avail. Both antenna's, the 400 and the 60 m beverage gave just a spike. But at least Dave heard a few nice Spanish MW stations on it. :-)

Early evening conditions turned up to be good again for a while until everything faded down again.

We heard some bits and pieces of Chinese on 1350 kHz coming over the Italian "I am Radio" pirate. 
On the North America antenna we had Noti Uno on 1280 and later VSB2 Hamilton, Bermuda.

These are all not the most exciting catches but we are glad to have them while we were afraid conditions would be worse and of course there is still a lot of work to do in analysing the recorded files.

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