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We travel to such locations to escape noise and to be able to put out long beverage antennas. Something we cannot do from home. DXpeditions take place several times a year. Usually in winter. Dxer's from Belgium and The Netherlands take the opportunity to dx from such rural dx location.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Preparing your Jaguar v3 for the next MW season.

Medium Wave DXers that are awakening from their summer sleep might scratch their head when looking at the new V3 version. There are lots of changes.

Here is a short (very incomplete) look at what's new.

The HOME SCREEN (former Groove) is now vertical but it is still possible to toggle between the new and the old Horizontal style by ALT-V.

Ther is a new SLIDER menu bar that can be activated in the settings. (SETTINGS > GRAPHIC+ > SLIDER BUTTONS.

A complete summary off all settings can be found here. 

This slide shows also how to configure TEAM MESSAGING.

The TRACKER screen keeps track of what frequencies and times you have already listened. 

This picture shows also what the Yasser options are doing.

DAYSCAN is the former Summaries Screen. It is now possible to let those build continuously in the background.

The COMPASS gives quick access to all kinds of screens. You can also scroll over the buttons to zoom in and out.

You can also toggle between a Tracker and a Time bar (shown under the play bar) by 

Stickers can be added (if you have them active in the settings).

On the above slides you can see a BB applet called CATBOX. It can show the Aurora status as underneath. But if you hover your mouse and scroll it can also show something called funny enough CULTURE. Discover for yourself what it is doing at the top-of-the hour.

Scroll one step further and you will see NOTES. This has nice possibilities.
If you add a file called NOTEPAD.TXT to the Jaguar folder and fill it with information structured like this it will become active.

If you tick SHARED NOTES in the settings, this file is even synchronised amongst your different set-up. The structure of this file should be like this.

#Frequency, #COLOR followed by the thext shown in the BB, TEKST  that appears on top of the screen when Yoyo's are inactive (Use ALT-Y to switch).

Supported color codes are #RED, #YELLOW and #GREEN (default is red if nothing is given). You can also use #R #Y and #G). 

So for 918 kHz as in the STICKER screen above I have this in the file.

#918 #R Hot DX Ch,AIR North Suratgarh

Of course you can edit the  “NOTEPAD.TXT” file with the Windows Nodepad application but you can also click on the BB. In that case you will see only the frequency specific data.

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