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We travel to such locations to escape noise and to be able to put out long beverage antennas. Something we cannot do from home. DXpeditions take place several times a year. Usually in winter. Dxer's from Belgium and The Netherlands take the opportunity to dx from such rural dx location.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walsoorden - January 2011 - Week 1

Guido in action
January 21 - 23 saw quite a remarkable Dxpedition to Walsoorden. Conditions were above average and quite a lot of interesting signals were heard on mediumwave from North and Central America's. In particular signals from around the Caribbean region were quite good. Asian signals were pretty average. The big powerhouse signals from AIR Nagpur, HLKZ on 1566 and WYFR Taiwan on 1557 were nice. However these are often heard from home and you would expect good reception. Apart from these Asians were pretty ordinary.

I am currently going through many Perseus files and it is my intention to put my loggings here in coming days, adding to it as I go. Its quite a job dredging through the 10 khz channels.

Marc Vissers
One other point I failed to mention was that the LPAM stations from England stayed with us for a good part of the day. Signals were heard on 1350, 1278, 1134 etc right up until noon local time.

The success story however was the South American beverage antenna. It appears to have worked very well.

Here are a few loggings so far

580 0430 CFRA Ottawa
590 0431 Unid Latin station underneath VOCM
590 0201 VOCM St John's NL
660 0430 WFAN New York
710 0430 WOR New York
730 0451 CKAC Montreal Quebec
740 2350 CHCM Marytown Newfoundland
770 0451 WABC New York
840 0203 WHAS Louisville KY - Talk
930 2349 CFBC St John New Brunswick
1070 2350 WMIA Radio Arecibo PR
1134 1158 L&D Hospital Radio (LPAM) Luton
1278 1145 BFBS Gurkha Radio, Stafford
1280 0000 VBS2 Hamilton, Bermuda. (tent) Presume this with religous program.
1280 0000 WCMN Arecibo PR (tent) Mixing with VBS2 in Spanish
1287 1158 Basildon Hospital Radio, Basildon, Essex
1290 0020 YVLF Radio Puerto Cabello
1350 1100 Radio Yare, Greater Yarmouth, Norfolk
1370 0033 WDEA Ellsworth ME. WDEA ID then into The Last Farewell - Roger Whittiker
1390 2223 WEGP Presque Isle NE.
1450 0036 VSB1 Hamilton, Bermuda (Tent) Nostalgic music
1470 0001 YVSY Radio Vibracion, Carupano
1500 0020 YVRZ Radio Dos Mil, Cumana
1500 0045 WFED Washington DC
1503 1245 Beter Bangla, East London
1510 2217 WWZN Boston MA
1540 2227 CHIN Toronto, Ontario
1540 2230 KXEL Waterloo IA
1540 0119 ZNS1 Radio Bahama's - Nassau. Promo for Dead after dark program.
1557 1830 WYFR Kohu Taiwan
1566 1858 AIR Nagpur
1566 1915 HKLZ Jeju, South Korea
1610 0115 Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla - Religous program
1690 2314 CHTO Toronto, Ontario (Greek)
1690 2321 WPTX Lexington Park MD

2325 1832 ABC Territory Radio (VL8T) Tennant Creek
2485 1828 ABC Territory Radio (VL8K) Katherine

The Traditional Walsoorden DX Feast

Guido's setup with John Plimmer looking on

Antenna splitters for the various beverages


GuidoS said...

Latin America was indeed like we expierenced never before. Listen here

for a few of my audio files.



GuidoS said...

Still enjoying those Perseus files from the night of the 23rd of Jan. Yes, really very nice reception of Radio Santa Fe on 1070 going strong for hours, and then at 0145 they faded down and WMIA R Arecibo from Puerto Rico was coming in just in time when they gave a nice full ID. Followed by more armchair listening level of Santa Fe.

Just like in the old days on the Tropical bands...