This DX site was created to let fellow dxer's know what we are up to while on DXpeditions in our former Walsoorden site (HOL) and the new site near Veurne, West Flanders, Belgium. We hope it inspires other dxers to try DXpeditions.

We travel to such locations to escape noise and to be able to put out long beverage antennas. Something we cannot do from home. DXpeditions take place several times a year. Usually in winter. Dxer's from Belgium and The Netherlands take the opportunity to dx from such rural dx location.

Are you interested in future dx trips? Get in touch with us. Send an email to us. We are always happy hearing from dxer's from other countries.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer DXpedition - June 2011

June 24 - 26 2011 sees a new Dxpedition to Walsoorden. This time however it will be in the middle of summer. This means less darkness hours. However it throws up different dx challenges. On Mediumwave we will be looking at South America, and of course there is FM which I will be extremely interested in. Then there will be the social side and time for experiments etc. So I am looking forward to this dx trip.

73 Dave Onley

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To get us in the mood here are a few pictures from past trips.

Schelde river looking back towards Antwerp

Schelde river looking towards North Sea

Farm land from the Schelde river dyke near our dx spot

Schelde river - A nice place to take a break from dx. Its a very busy river

Guido Schotmans

Marc Van Leemputten about to head out on the job

Vincent Wagner  and Marc Van Leemputten with an erection

Vincent Wagner  and Marc Van Leemputten

 Jos De Jong, Guido Schotmans, Frank Thijs, Vincent Wagner

Frank Thijs and Vince Wagner

Guido Schotmans

Vince Wagner, Dave Onley, John Bernaerts, Jos De Jong, Karel, Marc Vissers

The Aussie - Dave Onley

Guido Schotmans

Marc Vissers

Guido Schotmans

Dave Onley

Marc Van Leemputten

John Plimmer

Marc Van Leemputten

Dave Onley

Guido Schotmans

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